Is Your WEATHER RADIO Working?

We recommend the MIDLAND WR120/WR120EZEZ Weather Radio. Hands Down. It is THE MOST RELIABLE and THE MOST BUDGET FRIENDLY radio on the market today.  Any other model is NOT RECOMMENDED. This is typically found at Wal-Mart or Sams Club, and of course Amazon.

Do you already have a Midland WR120 or WR120EZ, but need help programming it to your county? Take a few minutes and view this video, provided by Midland. This is a VERY helpful video. If you’re buying a radio, bookmark this page, and come back when you’re ready to set it up!

Thanks to Midland for providing this great video!
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Be sure to make sure your radio is functioning normally before all weather events, in ALL seasons! Yes, it can come in handy during the Winter months as well. Change out your batteries at least twice a year–just like you would do with a smoke detector–to ensure your radio will work if you lose electrical power.

Check your weather radio receiver EACH WEDNESDAY BETWEEN 11:00AM & 12 NOON LOCAL TIME for the ROUTINE WEEKLY TEST to ensure that your receiver is in good working order. Keep in mind, in cases of inclement weather, the weekly test may be postponed till the next good weather day.

For some radios, you must make sure your radio is on the right “Channel” for your area’s transmitter frequency. (i.e., 162.400=channel 1, 162.425= channel 2, etc.)

Place your weather radio near an exterior window facing the direction of the nearest weather radio transmitter. If that is not possible, place it anywhere in your home or facility as high as possible to still be within safe reach for operation/control of buttons. Tops of dressers, chest of drawers, refrigerators, and bookshelves are favorite locations for the radios.

BE SURE to pull the weather radio antenna ALL THE WAY OUT to get the best reception. Don’t pull too fast or too hard. You might break it! Many people like to leave the antenna closed or real short because they don’t look the most appealing. You really want to keep that antenna pulled out at all times.

If you are 40 miles or more from your transmitter, or between mountains and hills,
You might have to connect your radio to an external antenna to ensure that your signal is strong enough to alert your radio. Midland makes a great window-mount receive antenna, the Midland Model 18-259W Window Mount Antenna. Click this link to go to the Product Page on Midland’s website.

Other Long Range Antenna Options
Many people that have some sort of outdoor or attic TV antenna have reported great results when connected to their weather radio. Even though it may not be made for the task at-hand, using a TV Antenna does work very well! The external antenna connector on the WR120/120EZ radio is a called a FEMALE RCA connector. To adapt this to your outdoor TV Antenna’s Coax Cable Connector (Called an “F” Connector), a small RCA Male to F Female Adapter is all that is needed. It is a necessary part to be able to properly connect an antenna to your radio. This can be ordered on Amazon for less than $5 or If you only have one main coax line coming into your home, you may need a Coax Splitter and a piece of Coax Cable to join the radio to your antenna.  If you already have a splitter with an open/available coax connector, you should only need a short piece of coax cable, and the above mentioned adapter to be ready to go! In this scenario, locating the radio near your TV is most popular, as it is common to have the main antenna coax coming into the home at/near/behind a main television, typically in den or living room, and that Coax Cable Splitter would need to be located nearby as well. If you need to locate your radio in a location so you are sure to hear it at all times, don’t be afraid to run a long piece of coax from the splitter, as that should be just fine in most cases.

Adapter Connection Guide Photo – Click Photo Below to Enlarge
Connecting the Coax Adapter to the WR120   

See our NOAA WEATHER RADIO STREAM PAGE for local frequency and SAME code information that is needed for your radio in NW Alabama!
Don’t live in NW Alabama or doing some traveling?   Call toll free 1-888-NWRSAME, that’s 1-888-697-7263, for info on programming your radio.